Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is in us! When He is in us, the Kingdom who is in Christ is embodied in us and revealed in the earth…

Friday, February 8, 2008


The following is prophetic event recorded in Bobby Conner’s book “Harvest Time”
The time was exactly 2:22 A.M. In this prophetic experience I was transported by the spirit of the Lord from the comforts of my bed to an enormously large body of water.

Standing at the edge of this massage sea, the sky was awfully dark. The clouds were violently turbulent and the winds were swirling and blowing incredibly strong. Lightning flashed across the darkened sky and illuminated the storm-tossed sea. This was clearly not a tranquil, peaceful, serene setting but rather unsettled, troubled waters.

The waters were extremely stirred, with waves mounting high with white caps and foam. The raging wind caused the rain to sting against my face. As the lightning flashed and the thunder was crashing, the sound rolling across the waves seemed to be amplified. I shivered as the wind drove the rain deep into my clothes. It was one of the most tempestuous times I’ve ever experienced, but I could feel that this storm was more than just a natural storm. I could not explain it, but I could sense that this was a very unnatural disturbance I was beholding.

Standing at my side, the Lord said, “I am hungry! You are to catch supper.” Intensely, He was steadfastly gazing over the troubled waters. I knew He was expecting me to catch some fish, but I was thinking how hard it would be to fish in such a violent storm. It was difficult for me to even stand in the strong gusts of wind. Although I did not voice my thoughts out loud, He reassuringly said to me, “This is the best time for fishing. Fish are more easily caught at this time.”

Then I looked more closely at Him and noticed that His hair was not being blown about by the wind. Neither were His clothes wet and flopping wildly in the wind, as mine were. Christ, knowing that I was now observing Him, said, “Come closer to ME.”

As I moved ever closer to Him, the winds became calmer. When I was near to His side, there was a place of perfect peace and protection from the storm. He smiled saying in the most comforting tone, “Yes! I am still the PRINCE OF PEACE.”

Even though the situation with the wind and weather had not changed, there was a quiet, calm confidence in the Lord’s presence. I wondered why I didn’t come closer sooner. Looking deep into my eyes, I knew that He was expecting more from me than just standing by. I could sense that He expected me to get busy obeying His command.

Harvest Time © Bobby Conner

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Purpose, the inevitable fate, a predetermined course of events, beyond human power of control.

When we start walking in our destiny we are walking in something that has been predetermined.

To know Him who holds destiny. He knows and holds what tomorrow brings.