Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Wrong God

The Wrong God
By Michael LaFarge

I think maybe I'm serving the wrong God. I've given it some thought, long, hard, deep thought. The kind that gives me a headache, and I've concluded that the God I believe in isn't worth my time, my worship or my life. Does that shock you? It kind of does me. I've devoted 22 years of life and four years of college to something I don't really want to believe anymore. with reckless abandon I've bought into a system I can't see ever amounting to anything. And that I is why I am done serving, worshiping, living my life for and believing in the wrong God. Yes, done.

From this point on I will no longer follow the wrong God. The one that is an invention of my preferences, a creation of my desires. I will not bow down before the formulaic being and the endless theologies that explain it anymore. I don't believe in a ten step approach God who can be understood and contemplated. I'm tired of attempting to satisfy a strategy and work out an equation and call it religion. For so long I have dreamed a God who is there when I need Him, but conveniently tucked away when I do not. I have run a race depending on the strength of a God who is as weak as the frail creature who dreamed Him up.

What i have come to see is that God is bigger than I see Him. The God of the Bible cannot be contained in a system or reduced to a set of beliefs. Peace with God is not attained through a program or by right living. I have walked hand-in-hand with a small God, while the real God, the one whose weightiness I cannot imagine walked beside as He promised He would in His Word. I can no longer read it like a self-help book. It is not a path to living a worry free life. It is the story of a God who loves me so much that He inconveniences Himself to win me back. That is the right God. The One who is beyond my ability to imagine or create. He is not troubled by my weakness or my inability to perceive Him. He waits for me to abandon the old god and follow Him wholeheartedly. I now understand that He is the right God, I must now live as if I believe.

My walk with God is not so much about getting life right as it is being in relationship with Him. As I walk with God, I trust He will do the work of making me more like Jesus and seeing Him for who He really is. The right God.


Strider said...

Excellent post Nick. As Rob Mazza says, "God is bigger than previously thought".

Hannah said...

Hmm... something I hope to grasp!

Thanks Nick

BTheChange said...

Beautiful! May your accountability and authenticity be blessed with ongoing revelation and relationship with the Almighty God we seek and find as He decreed.